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About Us

Forestar is currently making great efforts on developing its manufacture capability of rosin and turpentine derivatives. There are seven production sites in our company, the production capacity is as follows:

High quality Gum Rosin: 40,000 tons
Gum Turpentine: 5,000 tons
High-softening-point Polyterpene Resin: 8,000 tons
Highly Hydrogenated Rosin: 5,000 tons
All types of Rosin Glycerol Ester or Penta Ester: 10,000 tons
Disproportionated Rosin: 5,000 tons
Para-menthane Hydroperoxide: 400 tons
Alpha Pinene: 10,000 tons
Highly purified Beta Pinene: 3,000 tons
Distillated Natural Terpinol: 400 tons

Forestar will pay great attention to customers' requirements and make positive adjustments to satisfy customers’ demands.

Guangdong Hualin Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hualin, established in 1985, is located in Fengkai county, by the side of Xijiang river, Guangdong province. Hualin is one of the biggest comprehensive manufacturers of pine chemical products in China. At this site, we have the capacity to produce 20,000 mt of gum rosin, 3,000 tons of gum turpentine, 5,000 tons of rosin ester for industrial applications, and 5,000 tons of food-grade rosin ester for chewing gum. The management team ensures that Hualin can always supply the market with products of a consistently high quality, thereby earning a good reputation in the market for its rosins and rosin derivatives.

Senlong Chemical is located in Chongzuo county, Guangxi province. It is a new production site, concentrating mainly on hydrogenation products such as highly hydrogenated rosin, hydrogenated rosin ester (food grade and industrial grade), and para-menthane hydroperoxide. Rosin-processing capacity of this site is around 5,000 tons per year.

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