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About Us

Environmental, Health and Safety

In the chemical industry, going green is now a necessity. Our businesses have taken a variety of steps from the start to stay at the forefront of green trends.

As a new brand of pine chemicals, Forestar is committed to excellence in environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance. EHS performance is an integral part of our business and is essential for our long-term business success. We will operate our business according to the best practice and responsible EHS management principles which will be incorporated into Forestar’s management system and will be the foundation of our EHS management program.

Our EHS policy
Operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner that protects our people, customers, and communities.
Strive to prevent safety and environmental incidents.
Comply with all applicable EHS laws and regulations.
Minimize the environmental impact of our operations in a manner that supports the sustainability of our business.
Be prepared to respond appropriately to emergencies that may arise as a consequence of our operations, our products.

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