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Purchase order
Once trade terms are confirmed, we shall carry on shipment as required. Our sales department will stay in contact with you on the latest status of the transaction.

A full set of documents will be sent to you as soon as possible.
Certificate of analysis issued by us, plant, CIQ or third-party inspector.
Certificate of origin by CCPIT or CIQ.
Beneficiary’s certificate
Photos of cargos loaded if needed
Payment and clearance of customs
Payment to be completed on time as per PO.
We can provide assistance for tasks related to your import customs clearance.
We have a fixed freight forwarder that can provide us second to none service and favorable prices.
We can ensure safe and timely delivery.
Our main export sites from China are Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. We also have some other optional sites (Nanning, Foshan, Qingdao).
You have the option of nominating your favorite forwarder or shipping line.
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